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Importance of Quality Mixed Martial Arts Gear

Quality Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Gear can be a challenge to find at times.  Protective gear is mandatory in most MMA Schools and for good reason.   Also, some fight promotions may limit your gear you can wear during the fight; and there is a difference between the ounce gloves or gear you wear in a Pro versus an Amateur Fight Promotion in most states.

MMA is a fusion of styles that includes grappling, striking and more.   You can be boxing one minute, then transition to the ground with a take down, followed by a choke – back to striking.  It all happens so fast, it is essential to wear gear you can feel confident, comfortable in and provides that ultimate protection.  When training leading up to a fight, one goal is not to get hurt.   One big way to prevent injury is by wearing the right protective gear, that covers the wide range of movements in the combat sport you are training in.

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History of Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in United States was founded around 1993, with the birth of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  What was the combat sport of Vale Tudo that had developed in Brazil from the 1920s was brought to the U.S., has turned into the fastest growing sport!  The fusion of full contact sport styles, whether striking or grappling has become a lifestyle for more people than we think.   They would fight in shorts or just a Gi, whatever their style was or called for.

I remember watching it with friends years ago, grabbing a six pack, and ordering it on Pay Per View.   That was never enough for me; I had to go and rent UFC DVDs from Blockbuster Video, and watch it over and over.    The thought of fighting in its purest form, with no rules, no time limits, and no weight class was very seductive in a sense to some, yet barbaric to others.

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OFG Logo in UFC Cage

UFC Expo 2014 Recap

International Fight Week has come and gone and we at Outlaw Fight Gear couldn’t be happier to have been part of the festivities. In between the excitement of UFC 175 and the Ultimate Fighter Finale we were hanging out in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center working our tails off at the OFG booth during the UFC Fan Expo. As usual, the fights delivered thrills as only MMA events can, but we can’t express how much was had at the Expo itself. Our booth allowed us the opportunity to show off our shorts, rash guards, gloves, shin guards, jiu-jitsu gis, and all the apparel that we are so proud to offer.

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International Fight Week

International Fight Week has officially kicked off in Las Vegas and it culminates this weekend with the UFC Fan Expo and two nights of back-to-back fight cards. As we have grown accustomed to in recent years, Saturday night’s Fourth of July card has shaped up to be the biggest so far this year. UFC 175 features a double header of title fights with the co-main event pitting Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey against the division’s number two-ranked fighter Alexis Davis. With the departure of huge Pay-Per-View draws like Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva, Rousey has become arguably the biggest star in the UFC. She has proven to have major crossover appeal outside of the realm of mixed martial arts, having landed on the cover of the ESPN and filmed roles for the upcoming Expendables, Entourage, and Fast and Furious movies. Yet despite the busy schedule, Ronda’s bout against Davis will be her third title defense in the span of seven months. If all goes according to plan, we are likely to see her make a fourth straight title defense during a single calendar year, which would truly be an incredible feat.

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Ali vs Tyson

Pound for Pound

Who would win, Tyson or Ali? Mayweather or Sugar Ray Robinson? GSP or Silva? Jones or Aldo? Rousey or Velasquez? Yes, that last matchup is utterly ridiculous, but that doesn’t keep people from speculating. In fact, in a recent interview Ronda Rousey confidently proclaimed that she would be willing to fight anyone on the UFC roster. When asked if she would take on heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, Ronda replied by saying she could even see herself winning that fight. And I get why she says that. Any athlete who wants to reach the top of his or her sport requires that sort of confidence and unrelenting belief in self. However, that doesn’t mean we need to be imagining these impossible super-fights and crowning pound for pound kings and queens. Besides, isn’t the whole notion of being the “pound for pound” champion a little silly?

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UFC Fan Expo

UFC Fan Expo 2014

If you’re an MMA fan Las Vegas is simply the place to be this Fourth of July weekend. Sin City already has plenty to offer, but fight fans are in for a treat this year with International Fight Week kicking off on July 1st and culminating Independence Day weekend. Not only does the weekend mark the return of the UFC Fan Expo, but Saturday and Sunday night will also feature their very own fight cards, with UFC 175 followed by The Ultimate Fighter Finale 19.

It’s no secret that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is focused on expanding their reach and they have been doing so rapidly. The roster is larger than ever, they’ve added four new weight classes in the past four years, and are moving into new markets around the world. As a result, 2014 has been a year of firsts for the promotion. Their first trip to Mexico, their first time holding two fight cards on the same day (albeit on opposite ends of the globe), and in the case of Fourth of July weekend, their first time putting on fight cards on back to back nights in the same city.

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