Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the hottest markets available today, and Outlaw Fight Gear®. LLC (OFG) is a top quality, unique, one stop shop Mixed Martial Arts Sports Gear Company. We have been working very hard over the last couple years - day in and day out, a lot of times working 24/7, and our goal is to provide high QUALITY products that has great protection and fit at an affordable cost. We manufacture gear for men, women and children: Gi's, T-shirts, genuine leather and synthetic products, MMA Gloves, Training Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Vale Tudos, MMA Shorts, compression gear, performance materials, training pads, gym bags and a lot more.

We are different and people love our gear: OFG was founded in early 2012, in pursuit of a brand that provides quality MMA Gear and knowing how hard it is to find. Also, a company that would stand behind their product. As a result, OFG was born!

OFG has sponsored and built relationships with top fight promoters and top level female and male fighters in prominent fight promotions: some in the UFC, Bellator, Ring of Combat, CFFC to name a few. Our sponsored fighters train daily in our gear, fight in our gear, and believe in our gear!

We are thrilled to see the OFG Community and Family is growing daily!